Salon Riviera (hair salon)
investment group (NYC)

Vintage glasses, sunglasses & accessories

business consulting group
The Artist’s Cafe (coffee shop)

classic, wind-up & collectible toys

Renaissance Commons 
(an event space in Chattanooga’s Bluff View Art District)
farm to table food sourcing group in Chicago
apparel company

a tribute to the classic American hot rod

corporate event held in Hawaii for Interface Flooring

carpet tile replacement service using unique, patented lift system

Lindbergh Chiropractic Health Center (Atlanta)

retro Italian coffee shop in Chicago

Tennessee Marine Electronics
(communication devices for boating—installation, parts & service)

dance & performing arts studio

art deco-inspired cocktail lounge inside an upscale hotel

Chicago-based fashion designer

innovative manufacturing company in Ft. Worth, TX 
utilizes sustainable U.S.-grown hemp fiber
after-school tutoring group

line of men’s khaki pants

carpet manufacturer (Chattanooga)
industrial heat-exchanger retubing tools & service
Waldorf Property Management 
(real estate group in Chattanooga)
Chinese restaurant

dance organization promoting Swing & Lindy Hop

Access-U, an organization identifying handicap 
accessibility on college campuses
specialty flooring & surfaces company (Atlanta)
art festival in Chattanooga
beautiful historic district in Chattanooga featuring 
art, dining and a bed & breakfast
creative staffing group in Chicago

Pixelhead Interactive 
(gaming & interactive media company)
               Italian racing bicycle parts & accessories company        

promotional icon for design studio, Steelhaus

reseller of vintage dishes & housewares

it’s a little hard to explain, but they’re a whole lot of fun!

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